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Andrew Bates is where integrity begins. Completeness, wholeness, unimpaired, conditioned, souindness, honesty, and sincerity, he's all of them. I had choices to choose the trainer, I'm lucky Andrew is the first person I met entering the gym. My goal was to increase upper body strength; an operation stopped my attempt for Mister Oklahoma. I'm sixty-three and will never look like Andrew, but do I feel like forty-three, you bet. Furthermore, Andrew won't tell me where he buys his shirts. My suggestion to everyone thin or overweight, let Andrew help you and listen to his suggestions on exercise and diet. You will Benefit.

- Toby Armellini - Profession Engineer, Consultant

I was reluctant when my husband Toby encouraged me to start training with Andrew. Working out would just be another obligation to add to a busy schedule, I thought. I quickly learned, however, that I would anticipate my workout time with Andrew.

Through Andrew's direction, I've been able to achieve and reset my goals of increased body strength, toning, and flexibility. I know that one of Andrew's goals is client safety; he makes sure I don't overextend and he adjusts weights as necessary. He is continually positive, encouraging, and personable, making workouts fun, innovative and challenging. Our hour together goes by quickly.

I'm a believer. Want to feel better? Call Andrew!

- Sylvia Armellini, guidance counselor,
grandmother, gardener and traveler

Andrew has been my personal trainer for almost two years!!!

I reluctanctly signed up with Andrew and began a training program. Within 2 weeks, I felt like a new person. I work long, long hours(45-50 plus). I found my energy level improved dramatically. I hit the floor running at 0400-0500 every day of the week and don't stop till I drop. My attitude has changed. Although I am a very positive person already, I felt like I could do just about anything I set my mind too. Andrew pumped me up emotionally and physically for the day.

I noticed people making comments about how I looked. I clearly remember one day a woman about my age walked up to me and said, man you look great. I smiled and thanked her for making my day. Often people will say, I wish I had your energy. I say, you can.

Although I have kept my weight within 3-5 lbs of where I wanted it most of my life(I have terrible genetics working against me), I had been feeling out of shape and sluggish with no get up and go. As a 53 year old woman, I now feel incredibly healthy and in the greatest shape I have ever been in. Thanks to Andrew.

My husband(65 y/o), great guy that he is, has had many problems with allergies, chronic sinus infections, bad back and a host of stress related things. I say stress (he would disagree) because he owns his own business, he works longer hours than I do, and does not take care of his self (he would also disagree with this). He decided to try Andrew out. The difference in my husband over the last year has been remarkable. Although he is still fighting me on this, I can definitely tell the difference. He is still plagued with life long allergies, however, he rests better at night and his "miserableness" is not sustained at the height of the allergy season in the spring/fall through first frost. Although he continues to have sinus infections, he does not carrry them as long. Last year he carried a sinus infection for 10 months in spite of several changes in antibiotic therapy. A concern now is because of 10 months of antibiotic therapy, he is now resistant to some antibiotics. Very frightening to me in this age of rampant antibiotic resistant infections.

This past year we took a trip to Las Vegas and decided to take three days seeing Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Often I would do the hiking up and down to see the sights, while he waited at the top for me to return. We!!!! hiked 6-10 miles daily and he didn't miss a beat. His comment was, "I couldn't have done that if I had not been working out with Andrew?" The experience was life changing for both of us.

Andrew has consistently, in his gentle way, pushed, prodded, motivated, educated and encouraged me to excel in every aspect of my life and health. He encourages me not to weigh everyday(have done this since early, early 30s), not to look in the mirror and be critical of what I am seeing, and to look more at how I feel and what I am putting in my mouth. I have through nutrition education with Andrew become more diligent about my diet. Less fat, still struggle with getting enough protein, and less simple carbs and eating more complex carbs. Andrew lives his program and brings his knowledge and expertise to you as his client for overall health and vitality.

People often say, well you don't understand Ree. You aren't overweight. I used to apologize for being thin. Not anymore!! I want to shake them and say, you bet I'm not overweight. I have made a choice for my health. I get myself out of bed 4 days a week for Andrew and my cardio workout. You too have a choice.

Some people might say, oh but personal trainers are expensive. I would encourage you to ask yourself honestly, how expensive is a heart attack, a knee or hip replacement, open heart surgery? How expensive is my relationship with my spouse if I am not healthy? How expensive is not being able to enjoy your children or grandchildren? How expensive is it to have your spouse responsible for taking care of you because you didn't take care of yourself? As a hospital RN and certified diabetes educator, I see the results of poor choices everyday. It is heart wrenching and can be devastating with no turning back.

Because of Andrew, I am and will continue to live an active, involved, healthy, happy, life. AND LOOK DARN GOOD WHILE I'M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE(Sorry Andrew, I couldn't resist the looks part of it). And who wouldn't want a goal like this!!

- Ree Kaplan

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my history,,, I have worked out at Reaction for 3 years and have really enjoyed it!! I've worked out with trainers before but until I started doing the CORE training I wasnt getting the results I wanted!! We have been training for one month now and I already see a BIG difference I get complements all the time from people that are noticing a difference as well!! I am very exicted to see my results at the end of my six months! Im training for six months and the things I learn will last me a Lifetime!! MONEY well spent!! Thanks again for pushing me to reach my goal!!

- DeeDee

Working out /getting exercise of any type needs to be a way of life. It's a "mind set". Yes! All of us can make it a priority. It's your time! Take it! I realize the busy schedules we all have---I have six children and when they were younger, in spite of all their activities, I still found time to exercise. But that's just it---YOU need to make things work around what YOU need for yourself. What's so great about any type of exercise is that you benefit two ways. One, is you could be doing it for mental release and....yet...Two, benefit physically. The end results are that you feel really good about yourself, not to mention your overall health improvement. It is NEVER too late to start. Exercise does not have to be in the form of marathon running or bodybuilding. It can be as simple as parking your car further away from an entrance or taking stairs vs. elevators. How about in the form of a dance class or intramural sport? You don't really know your actually EXERCISING, because it's all too much fun!

Personally, I am goal oriented, and I always like to try something I've not done before. Yet, I do know my limitations. Such as running, I don't have enough time to train properly for a marathon---not to mention running 26 miles I find to be frightfully boring. Seeing how I had only run 9 mile races, I figured a half marathon would be a challenge, yet something I might be able to achieve w/o letting myself down. I don't enter these to actually win against others---it's just for my own personal goal which makes me feel like a winner. I also like triathlons, because they are a lot like 3 short stories in one book---I know I'll complete it. You can even find mini triathlons. They may be a half mile swim, 12 mile bike ride and a 5 mile run, @ this point the crowd picks you up and emotionally carries you to the finish.

This year I had a landmark birthday on Thanksgiving Day. Actually, after 40, they all became "landmark" birthdays! All six of my children came in town from their prospective colleges and different careers to surprise me, and yes, they are my continued source of motivation to stay healthy and active. I not only needed the energy to keep up w/ them when they were young, but I always wanted to set an example of an energetic lifestyle and how to enjoy all you've been given.

We can not all look the same (and that would be a bore) yet we are expected to do the best w/what we have. I use to think I had to privately work out & loose weight, BEFORE I could actually go to a gym and work out w/ other people. I quickly realized that was nonsense, because they are all worried about themselves and pay very little attention to anyone else.

My second form of motivation is myself. No one is going to do this for me. Although, I can encourage a friend to meet me or hold myself accountable to a class, but those two aren’t always going to be available…so you might as well get comfortable in your own world, because you know you CAN count on yourself. Rain or shine.

We all have a weak spot or two, and that’s ok! Mine is I am codependent on my music to keep me running or( ? ) whatever I do when I work out. I get lost in the songs and tune out everyone around me. You just have to find your niche and make it work for you. We all reach plateaus. It's inevitable. I get bored w/ what exercise routine I'm doing and I will also notice it's not working for me. So, that's when I have to change it up and sometimes, it's w/the support and direction of a personal trainer. Definitely someone who can motivate and teach me new ways to improve. When you employ a personal trainer, pick their brains about what motivates them, what they eat, how long have they been exercising, etc... They will even design an eating plan (I don’t like to call it "diet") just for your needs, body type and schedule. They have studied this. Make use of their knowledge! You will find the differences in backgrounds and some are TRUE success stories.

The first time I ever made an appointment w/ a personal trainer---my choice was great! I knew I needed someone to push me, I lack REAL discipline @ times, and I needed someone to instill this in me. The gym in which I work out most of the trainers are men except for this one incredible energetic female. I was always horribly intimidated by a male trainer. I thought great! Now what. Then I began to realize I was only hurting myself by waiting and tried to "self talk" on how ridiculous I was being. So… I made a couple of appointments w/ Andrew from Bodyfulfillment. Best shyness I ever overcame. I quickly realized the following: gender doesn't matter! Andrew is seriously interested in your well being -inside and out. Andrew listens when you talk, and he will let you pick his brain with all the knowledge you might want to absorb. Andrew will size you up and push you to a challenge designed for YOUR success (which is smart because then you will be encourage to do more). He tailored made a daily meal plan for me (didn't bug me about it-it was up to me to follow. If I didn't I knew I would only be hurting myself) He explained how certain foods worked together and definitely what to avoid for particular speedy results. He actually provided me w/ accountability. Some of these trainers are additionally trained in psychology...so they know what makes us tick! Even after our sessions were complete, if Andrew noticed myself or anyone else working out...he would sometimes come over and offer techniques to enhance a move or show better use of certain equipment. You could definitely always count on him to acknowledge you & say "hello, and how is your work out going?" Just a small gesture to show he notices and cares. Any one member on his Bodyfulfillment team would be a great choice. I have watched them train and work out. They are all a source of encouragement.

We as individuals are all we have. We must choose life, choose positive choices, choose to be @ peace w/ yourself, choose to make a difference, and choose to BE different by BEING yourself. So...trade in those Prada heels for a cross trainer shoe and start moving! You will love yourself so much more.

- Lynda

Good afternoon Andrew!
I am just dropping a note to say thank you for all of your knowledge and expertise. I have never been more comfortable in my skin as I am now and I just want you to know you are amazing at what you do!

Thank you again,
Melissa Atkinson

Karen Laub

I started going to Planet Fitness the beginning of March. I noticed working out was going great. Then I saw the bodyfulfillment and I thought I would try that. I started working with Andrew the last week of April to the beginning of May. He knows my strengths and my weaknesses and he also stays on track of my cardios and my workouts. Its a long journey for me but Andrew will do great. Thanks Andrew for what you do for me in my workouts.

Karen Laub

Hi Andrew and William!

I can't tell you how much we appreciated Body Fulfilment's participation in our event Saturday. The event was a huge success and over 900 people attended. William and crew did a fantastic job, and the audience loved the demonstrations.

The set-up was new to us this year, and of course, we found a few wrinkles. In the future, we will definitely provide more space for the demonstrations and audience, and will have a volunteer assigned to each demonstration area prior to, during and after they perform. William, you made it work, though, and work well - many thanks - you were excellent! I do hope the event proves beneficial for you, as well, and that you enjoyed sharing your expertise with the crowd.

Thank you again for helping make it happen, and please let us know if we can ever be of service to you or your clients!

Thanks for making me do "Supermans". I swam with 2 dolphins and they propelled me with their nose on the bottom of my feet. AWESOME! I went way across the lagoon.

Janet Jessee

My name is Gary Stice. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 188 lbs. I have a 41 inch chest and 33 inch waist and take great pride in most people thinking that I am at least 10 years younger than I actually am. I take no medications and have a blood pressure of 145 / 82 and an LDL cholesterol level of 110. I go to the gym at least 5 days a week and walk two miles every morning. I died of “Sudden Cardiac Death” while at the gym with my trainer on April 24, 2008, just a week before my 53rd birthday.

Had it not been for the fact that my particular trainer, Alton Arevalo, had apparently been selected by God and not by my wife as a Christmas present, as I thought, I would not be here today to relate my story to you.

When my wife and I turned 50, we decided to get control of our lives and try to reverse the damage of years of working too hard, not eating properly, and not getting enough exercise. We joined Weight Watchers and from September of 2004 to May of 2005 I was able to reach my goal of losing 67 lbs by my 50th birthday and went from a weight of 242 to 178 and a waist of 40 to 33. Surprisingly, I lost more than 3 inches in my neck size alone. My wife and I were featured in several newspaper articles, both locally and nationally, and were featured in a story in the Weight Watchers magazine in January 2007.

This alone allowed me to get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medication and stop sleeping with a CPAP machine every night due to severe sleep apnea. I was feeling better than I ever had, but still wanted to get more out of this new chapter in my life. I had been going to a local gym several days a week for the past two years, but was beginning to get in a rut and the same routine wasn’t seeming to work any more. I was devastated that the pounds were creeping back on, even though I was eating properly, and exercising, and this lead to the incredibly stupid decision to start smoking again, after having quit for more than a year.

On Christmas day, 2007, I opened a single small package from my wife. There was a new pair of gym shorts and tank, and a gift certificate for 10 sessions with a personal trainer from Body Fulfillment. Although I was grateful, I was somewhat confused and a little apprehensive. I thought I was exercising properly and certainly didn’t need some “jock” standing over me shouting out commands and counting repetitions.

My fears couldn’t have been more unfounded. I found the trainers not only extremely well trained and educated, but kind, patient, and just “regular people”. I developed a fast friendship with Alton as we worked through the months, learning new techniques and exercises that I would never have had the confidence to try on my own. My muscles began to develop and my fat began to disappear. I was looking better and better and the complements that I was getting from my friends and family fueled my desire to be the best that I possibly could be.

I feel like I have come so far, but there is so much more that I can do. However, now I am faced with the life altering decision of what this episode in my life really means. During my exercise routine, my heart literally stopped beating. It was not a “heart attack” where there is typically damage to the heart muscle. Rather, it was “sudden heart death”. It is termed so because while over 300,000 people are stricken each year in the US alone, only 5 percent ever make it to the hospital and of that number, a significant number experience brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain. It may effect men in their 30’s and 40’s and is not uncommon for the victim to be in good physical shape and completely unaware of the potential danger of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), due to an electrical abnormality, blood vessel abnormality, or recreational / performance enhancing drug use.

Had I not been exactly where I was and with who I was, I certainly would not have survived. Although the gym had a defibrillator device, I don’t believe that it was used. Alton continued rigorous CPR until the ambulance arrived 4 minutes after my collapse. At that time I was defibrillated and intubated and placed on a respirator.

Once stabilized at the hospital, tests were run to see if there was any cause for the sudden arrest. Frankly, the doctors didn’t expect to find any and planned to install an internal defibrillator just in case of a repeat episode in the future. However, they found 95% blockage in one of my main arteries. They were very surprised due to my age and physical condition, but apparently years of abuse and bad habits, along with heredity, had left its mark, albeit undetected during annual physicals.

They were able to perform a balloon angioplasty through the femoral artery in my groin to compress the obstruction against the walls of the artery and then place a permanent metal stent in the artery to keep it open. I collapsed on Thursday, the surgery was performed on Friday, I came home on Sunday and met with Alton on Monday to walk 2 miles (the only exercise allowed for one month).

Obviously, my life has been greatly effected. I’m not sure at this point what it all means. I have always felt that God has a direct plan for each and every one of us and we must have the strength and confidence to allow Him to work through us. I do know that I literally owe my life to Alton. I have a bond with him that will never be broken for the rest of our lives. I feel so fortunate to have met my personal angel here on earth, instead of waiting until the afterlife.

I will figure out why I am still here and what I have yet to accomplish in this life. I feel part of it is to share my experience with others, if not only to make you ask if any of this story relates to your own life in any way. Please remember, life is very precious and can be much shorter than we ever anticipated. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do something that you feel is really important in your life. Unfortunately, that “tomorrow” may never come for you. Take charge of your life and live it to the fullest, instead of being a spectator from the side lines.

My life is so full of joy, wonder, gratitude, and anticipation!

Hey Scott it's Deandre

I really appreciate all the training and personal workout tips you shared with me I really cannot thank you enough I'm grateful for BodyFulfillment trainers. I will be getting more training.

Keep up the good work sir

I wanted to let you know also, that even though I’ve only gone a couple of times I feel so much better. Usually I have to take pills to sleep and pills to wake up and usually have no energy through the day. On the days I’ve worked out with Vince I didn’t have to do either and felt so much better (minus the sore muscles). That alone is motivation for me to continue with this great program.

Thanks again

I'm somewhat of an "old school" trainer if you will but I've always known it's always best to keep an open mind. I've been in the business since the early 80's. I've known Vince since just before I got certified & every now & then, Vince would have a suggestion as to what would work best for a certain type of new client that came my way. Today, my girlfriend & I came to Planet Fitness & as we were training, I observed the way Vince worked with his clients. Most was practically identical to the way I did things but I did notice a few additional exercises that I can use to better myself as a personal trainer. Knowing & working with Vince has been a major blessing in my life & career & I'm very grateful to have him on my team with Body Fulfillment. thanks again Vince!

-- A.J. Woodall, IBFA Certified Personal Trainer
Bodyfulfillment / Select Fitness

I have bounced in and out of shape over the “decades” it’s taken me to reach 47 years of age, and have worked with a few different trainers. I moved to Tulsa a little over a year ago and started working out again. I mostly toyed with it until about 3 months ago when I started getting serious again. I worked my own routine of roughly 60 minutes of strength training followed by 30 minutes of cardio, five to six times a week.

I reached what felt like a stale point in my routine and results and decided to begin working out with Vince. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but after the first day with Vince that went completely away. I don’t hesitate to state that Vince is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with. He quickly gets his assessment of your strength, flexibility, stamina and which areas need developed.

Vince also takes the extra time to explain the fundamentals of the movements and which areas they are targeting. Unlike a lot of trainers who demand you work their routine, Vince has taken the time to develop a routine that fits my overall goals. He has literally changed the way I view and attack a workout routine. I am grateful for his willingness to share his years of experience and knowledge and very highly recommend Vince to anyone.

Mark W. Seim

Will Cox at Body Fulfillment has completely changed my life and how I see myself. Just under 7 months ago I weighed 187 lbs (and I’m only 5’6”), was on cholesterol medication and made sure I had a t-shirt on whenever I got on my boat. Today, I am down to 153 lbs, my doctor has taken me off all meds and I feel great about how I look. Will at Body Fulfillment met with me and I explained my goals and how I felt. He came up with a plan that not only met those expectations but surpassed them. I truly feel like my life, at age 40, is better than it was at 25. I’m more in shape, I’m stronger and I’m proud of the way I look. I used to play football in school, I was in the military, so I was sure I knew how to lift weights but Will and Body Fulfillment taught me how to actually shape my body. I’ve learned so much that I’m now an aspiring personal trainer. I can’t wait to teach other people what I’ve learned. It’s life-changing. I promise myself, AND WILL, that I’ll never go back to my old lifestyle. Good job, Body Fulfillment!

-Ronny Roughton

Hey Andrew!
This is Amy Carter. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for getting us started with training! Alex has been great and he really knows his stuff! I am pretty sure we are going to continue training when we get back from Florida because we want to be as fit as possible by summer and training has really pushed us to do better! I just haven’t had a chance to really thank you yet!

Thanks Andrew!
Amy Carter
Wright Elementary

I have always been interested in staying fit and following a sensible nutrition plan, but like so many others who join a fitness facility, my workouts were ineffective because of improper form and overworking some muscle groups.  At my age (mid-fifties) I have worked with several personal trainers at different workout facilities but I have never achieved the results that I have with AJ.  I can rely on AJ to make sure I am executing each exercise with proper form, thus ensuring that I get the maximum results for my efforts and reducing the risk of injury.  

AJ formulated a workout designed to achieve my basic goal to tone muscles and slim down.  When I changed my objective to build mass, he quickly rewrote my workout and I am making the gains that I envisioned.  Initially, I was a little skeptical as to whether some of his methods would work, but I became convinced when I made impressive gains in a relatively l short time.  After only eight sessions, I reduced my body mass index one whole point (from 11.9% to 10.9%) indicating a reduction in body fat and an increase in muscle mass (my weight remained the same).

AJ understands that each of his clients is an individual and not everyone learns from or responds to stimulus in the same way.  What motivates some will not have the same effect on others.  This awareness is important in maximizing  a clients' efforts and achieving his/her end objectives.  Because I see positive changes from week to week, I am convinced that this personal trainer knows how to make the body respond and that AJ really knows his stuff.

Charles W. Brown

Dear Andrew,

I wanted to take a few moments to show my appreciation for one of your personal trainers. His name is A.J. Woodall and he works in Jenks at Select Fitness. I have been working out for about 3 months and the entire time, A.J. has been a great inspiration! While he is instructing you on proper technique, he is encouraging and supportive!

Keep up the good work A.J.!!!!!

Angela Smith, RN
Oklahoma Center for Arthritis and Therapy Research

Hey Andrew just wanted to tell you about working out with AJ. I know AJ is very knowledgeable about fitness and training and has years of experience yet when we work out he doesn't have the attitude that it's AJ's way or the highway. He is always willing to give choices for those dreaded muscle groups that I've grown to dislike (chest/shoulders). He makes it fun yet pushes me to achieve my goals. He respects the fact that I have years of workout experience and is always open to challenges. Yesterday I wanted to do a short intense leg workout and asked him if I could throw kicks at him and he was all for it. He always gives praise for a job well done. I like that he greets the other clients at the gym yet never engages in a conversation with anyone while we are training and doesn't carry his cellphone with him. Of course no one could ever replace you:) but I am very happy with AJ.


Hi. I just wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of AJ. I had an initial training session with AJ at Select Fitness in Jenks shortly after I joined the gym in January. I told him a couple of problem areas I wanted to improve, and he walked me through various exercises to specifically target each area. Although I do not train with AJ on a regular basis (I'm a single mom with two kiddos, not in my budget), he continues to be very helpful to me. He has made it clear to me that he is still available for questions and very willing to help me out when I need it. While he was in between clients one day, I asked for a few exercises to work my biceps, and did I get more than what I bargained for! We went through an entire biceps workout, and though I was really sore the next day, I loved it! He is such an asset to the gym! I really appreciate the tips and time he's given me to help improve my body and help me reach my goals. Thanks, AJ!


Hello, this is a shout out to AJ aka "The Devil" who likes to kick our butt in the gym every chance he gets! He is tough, but funny, and helps you take your mind off of the pain you are going through at the moment! He really seems to care about his job and the people he works with. Keep up the good work AJ!

Amanda Darland

AJ is an excellent trainer. My abs have never hurt so much in my whole life! The thing I love most about AJ, is that he doesn’t make big girls like me feel out of place at the gym. He is very caring and wants to see people meet their goals and does whatever he can to help them get there. He’s genuine. That means a lot to someone like me who would normally be intimidated by a trainer.

Angie P

I wanted to let you know how wonderful AJ Woodall is! My husband had major surgery for cancer last October and through his healing process he lost a lot of weight and muscle. Right before his surgery I dislocated my shoulder and sustained a lot of muscle damage. In December my husband, Roy, and I decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. We joined Select Fitness in Jenks. But because of our physical limitations we decided that we needed the skill of a personal trainer to help us get started. That is how we met AJ. Our Christmas present to each other was to purchase a package of training sessions with AJ. I know we presented a challenge to AJ because of all the limitations we brought to him. But he never gave up on us! He adapted his routines to fit our needs. Most importantly AJ made going to the gym fun! Roy has been transferred to Houston, TX and we regret that we cannot have more time with AJ. But he did get us started on an exercise program and encouraged us to stick with it after we move. We are grateful for his kindness and patience with us and we will never forget AJ Woodall!

Anne and Roy Long
Jenks, OK


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