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President & Director of Training
AFAA Certified
IFA Certified Trainer
Sports Nutritionist
BA of Arts & Sciences
    from the University of Tulsa
Office/Cell 918-955-3118
email: admin@bodyfulfillment.com

I’m Andrew Lee Bates III, born March 1, 1973 in Freeport, TX to the parents of Andrew & Gladys Bates. I was born the youngest of 5 children and the only male born to my parents. I lived all my life and attended all my pre-college education in Clute, TX (Clute is 45 miles south of Houston, TX). I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from a major university (University of Tulsa). Through out my educational career from grade school through high school I was involved in all sports and excelled at them all. I was a star athlete, and also all my life I’ve always wanted to help others. In high school I laid the foundation of helping by being a part of many help groups, volunteering, and leading by example and working hard in sports and in the class room. My senior year in high school I was recruited by many major universities to play football and I chose The University of Tulsa because of its great academic standards and its wonderful growing city. I majored in Psychology and Sociology to continue the pursuit of my goal of being in the people helping field. I also continued my love for fitness, health, and wellness. I had a successful academic and football career at the University of Tulsa as I was a career starter for the football team. I graduated in May, 1997 with a BA in Psychology and minor in Sociology. I started work in the mental health field at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital in which I was a group facilitator and councilor. While working at Laureate I would develop my passion and love for life and helping others. I worked with special patients dealing with depression, drug abuse, schizophrenia, eating disorders, childe abuse, and many other mental disorders. This was a special time in my life; to be a part of people’s lives in helping them cope, deal, and defeat mental illness.

Later in my career I took on a telecommunications engineering job with MCI WorldCom in which I worked for 5 ½ years before I became a victim of the massive layoffs. This inevitable event enabled me to focus solely on a career in lifestyle, fitness, health, and wellness. I received my professional trainer certification through AFAA in 1998 (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America). So with all my other certifications and degrees I found myself heading exactly where I wanted to go. I discovered that I could still touch lives and make a dramatic impact in the lives of others as a Lifestyle & Fitness Professional. Every day is rewarding and each individual that I work with is a journey in the success story of human ambition and courage, I love it! I Thank God for this great opportunity and career and with prayer and hard work the only way for me is up.

Member of the American Heart Association Speakers Beareau that speaks on the awareness of Stroke and Heart Disease

Powering Generations to Move Workshop:
March 7 At Wynona School for the Osage Nation Fitness Rally, March 8th at the Pahuska school for the Osage nation fitness Rally, March 16 at the Basket of Dreams Athletic Assistance Program at the Downtown Double tree in Tulsa, Ok


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