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The Difference Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss
"Be Like Bhavik" New Years Success Story
Body Fulfillment Inc. Now Certifies!
Career Fitness PRO ConsultingTM
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Powering Generations to Move
Read about Andrew's recent trip to Greece
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Weight loss and fat loss are not necessarily the same thing. You can accomplish weight loss by taking in less calories than what your body burns on any given day. So if your body burns 2,500 calories, and you just take in 2,000 calories, weight loss will occur. The problem is that if those calories are unhealthy or do not have the right amount of nutrients, the weight loss may come in the form of muscle tissue loss, water weight, and perhaps even some bone mass! Negative impacting weight loss:

A diet that can have a negative impact of this nature is a fad diet like eating just chocolate for example (let's call this "The Chocolate Diet". In a case like this, because you are taking in less calories than what your body burns, you will lose weight. However, at least 50% of the weight loss will not come from fat. It will come instead from muscle tissue and bone tissue as a diet like this does not provide enough good nutrition to maintain muscle mass. The end results will be a smaller but still flabby version of yourself. Furthermore, your metabolism will be crippled by the fact that you have lost lean muscle which is one of the tissues that serves to maintain a high metabolism!

If you did a carb-free diet consisting of 1500 calories, mostly coming from proteins and some good fats, in conjunction with a consistent cardiovascular workout program of 3 times weekly at 45 minutes per session. Initially the body will respond well for about ten days, because the calories are so low and the stress on the body is high, cortisol levels will skyrocket and stop fat loss and start cannibalizing muscle tissue in order to cover the energy demand. In addition thyroid levels begin to shut down as well in order to lower the body's metabolism and halt weight loss.

So even though tons of weight will be lost from a program like this, again, the best you can hope for is a 50% split between muscle loss and fat loss (so if you lose 20 pounds, 10 pounds are from fat/water and 10 pounds are from muscle; not good). The end result will be a much smaller version of yourself with a crippled metabolism.

You should follow a diet that has a slight caloric deficit. So if you burn 2500 calories every day, your diet will consist of 2300 (a 200 calorie deficit) and if you are following a good nutrition program consisting of 40% good carbs, 40% proteins and 20% fats, also you can create a bigger caloric deficit through a 30-45 minute exercise program and a cardiovascular program consisting of 30 minutes or so every day. In this case, bone and muscle tissue are preserved (or even improved upon) while fat loss and the release of extra water retention are maximized. This is obviously what we are trying to accomplish.

So be smart when you choose to loose weight!

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One individual’s triumph in weight loss and true-life transformation.
My name is Bhavik Gheewala, and until a couple of years ago, I thought my life was just like anyone else’s. I was a happy guy with family and friends that I hung out with, and I did all the normal things that people do. Life was good and I didn’t necessarily think there was anything that could make it better for me. There was one thing about me though – I was overweight. In high school I was 5’7” and 240 pounds. Soon after I graduated, I ballooned up to a huge 270 pounds, but I still thought of my life and every part of it as being as good as it gets. Boy was I wrong!

Read my story.

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Get IBFA Certified
(International Body Fulfillment Association)
To be the best in professional personal training, in an ever so changing world of fitness, health and wellness; training professionals must have a continual understanding and application ability of physiology, kinesiology, human anatomy, nutrition, methods of training, injury prevention, emergency procedures, psychology and great compassionate people skills. There are a number of great professional training certifications out there and as training professionals helping to service others to achieve optimal health; it is our duty to seek out and provide the latest in cutting edge/educated training methods through knowledge and education. The IBFA Certification will teach individuals how to change the lives of clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We feel that a training certification should do more than just certify an individual to teach exercises and know the anatomy of the body, but should also teach the trainer to be a professional, to be aware of the importance of building relationships with clients, having great ethics and being aware of the small things that make a fitness professional successful. This is what the IBFA Fitness & Training Certification is about.

(IBFA™ Certification Programs & Program Types available)

Make a Great Career in the fitness Industry:
Become a successful Fitness Trainer: As fitness clubs are opening all around and health and fitness industry is reaching epic status the demand for certified trainers is constantly rising. Catch the ride with the growing fitness market.

Body Fulfillment, Inc. offers Great Certification Plans through the IBFA™ Certification Program to insure you success and know-how to being a successful trainer.

Program 1
Certification Study Guide and Testing: $200.00
You can receive the IBFATM Certification study guide and contact Bodyfulfillment to set up a testing time.

Program 2
Certification Study Guide, Testing and Observation course: $325.00
During the time you are preparing for your testing you are enrolled in the IBFA Observation course in which you observe Body Fulfillment/Affiliated trainers with actual clients to get first-hand work with trainers working with clients and doing client evaluations, interviews, health screening, fitness testing.Observation dates are made by appointment

Written test examinations are by appointment only.
Contact Andrew Bates for more information.

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Career Fitness PRO Consulting TM


Ask yourself: Ask yourself: “as a fitness training professional, do I want to be a trainer that just simply helps people achieve their goals or do I want to be a true career professional making well above the stereotypical norm of a fitness trainer’s salary?

Well if you’re an individual that wants to maximize your abilities as a Fitness Professional and position yourself to make great INCOME sign up for your interview with CAREER FITNESS PRO CONSULTINGTM (This is a Body Fulfillment, Inc service)

INTERVIEW/RESUME ANALYSIS: Your resume will be analyzed by our analysis team and we will search for weakness and make appropriate corrections to enhance your marketability. Our Interview analysis prep will prepare you for future interviews and for your placement on our CAREER FITNESS PROFESSIONALS web page.

SCREEN TESTING: You go through a thorough interview process with our CAREER FITNESS PRO staff member which will enhance professional interviewing techniques.

POST INTERVIEW CONSULTING: We consult with you after your interview and help you understand your weaknesses and strengths and put an action plan together for you to work on.

TAX BREAK CONSULTING: We advise you of the tax breaks that are available to you as a fitness professional. OPTIONAL SERVICE-. We set an appointment for you with our Certified business accountant to put your tax break plan in action.

SEARCH SITE DATA BASE & EXPOSURE PAGE: You will now be part of a World searched engine site that is accessible to companies that are looking to hire Fitness Professionals. Congratulations!

Our SEARCH SITE DATA BASE links to some of Tulsa's most Elete clients (Due to the privacy of our clients and their request delete this part we are not at liberty to name them and their affiliations) such as Restaraunt Chain CEO's, Wealthy business owners, Private Gated Community Residents, Local News Anchors and their families.

Career Pro Consulting Package cost $150.00
*Show your current certification and get $15.00 off

Contact us by email: admin@bodyfulfillment.com

Fitness Pro Consultant users success stories:

"I started out at one of the big fitness facilities here in town and I was looking to get out on my own and become a Private Fitness trainer."  "A friend told me about Career Fitness Pro Consultants" I called Andrew and got immediately plugged into the Career Fitness Professionals data base and was linked up with Professionals that did more than answer my questions."  "They provided me with a great business plan and I now know exactly what I need to do to make my career dreams come to life" -Amanda
"It was so worth it to me to have my profile on the Career Fitness Professionals Exposure page."  "With in the 1st month I picked up 2 amazing professional clients."  "The great thing about it is that they searched me out" -Lance
"I liked the fact that Pro Fitness Consultants were able to take me through the interview process and give me pointers."  "They were straight forward and didn't sugar coat anything, their straight-up in-your face honesty helped tremendously and now I feel even more confident in my interviews with clients and those that I seek employment with." -John

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American Heart Association
Living with Diabetes Fair at Tulsa Southern Hills Mariott

Body Fulfillment staff will be on hand to demonstrate proper stretching and exercise for people living with Diabetes

Arvest Bank End of the Year Sales Rally and Wise and Well Health/Wellness Initiative Launch

Andrew will be one of the key speakers at the Arvest Bank National Sales Rally and Wise and Well Health & Wellness Initiative

Will Rogers Highschool Career Day
and Launching of Health & Wellness Academy

Andrew will be speaking to students about Opportunities in the Professional Health & Fitness Industry

Red Stone Construction Lunch & Learn
Andrew and Vince Brinkley will Host Lunch & Learn speaking on Health/Nutrition and Exercise

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2010 @ 1PM
Planet Fitness (Fontana Shopping Center)
5050 S. Memorial Dr.

For more information contact: Oklahoma Senior Games Weightlifting Director-
Andrew Bates @ admin@bodyfulfillment.com

Body Fulfillment will be at Fabricut Industries March 31st 2010 Touring all locations to see who has raised the most donations for the American Heart Association Heart Walk in April

Body Fulfillment will be doing Stretching demonstrations throughout the Living with Diabetes Fair
March 27th 9am- 12pm

Download the PDF for the Living With Diabetes Fair

Body Fulfillment will be at Fabricut Industries Thursday 1/28/2010 helping raise awareness and Donations for the American Heart Association Heart Walk in April. Andrew Bates and Angie Bates will be also judging the Fabricut Industries donation jar decoration contest on Thursday

Let's Talk About Healthy Living
Tulsa Tube Bending Company
A breakfast conversation with fitness health professional Andrew Bates over health, wellness, diet and exercise that simplifies it for everyone v
Objective: To bring the realization that health and wellness is for everyone and should be a part of daily life.

Thursday May 21, 2009
Andrew will be the special guess speaker for the Cherokee Elementary 5th Grade commencement

Thursday May 7, 2009 @ The Green Wood Cultural Center Basket of Dreams and Body Fulfillment (POWERING GENERATIONS TO MOVE) Kick off Fundraiser for THE HEALTHY URBAN BODIES YOUTH WELLNESS PROGRAM.
Honoring special guess: LegendaryNational Title Coaches and Former Tulsa Basketball Coaches NOLAN RICHARDSON, BILL SELF, TUBBY SMITH.
Hosted by Channel 8 Chief Sports Director Chris Lincoln
Andrew Bates will be keynote speaker

April 9th At Cherokee Elementary School- Andrew and the Body Fulfillment Team will be Joining up with the Cherokee Elementary School staff putting on a pep Rally for the up and coming State Education Testing that all Oklahoma schools will be taking part in. Andrew and the rest of the team have been working with Cherokee Elementary students through the Basket of Dreams/Powering Generations to move Health and Wellness Program.
"We know that it's important not only that we motivate kids to live healthy lives but to be motivated to do their very best in the class room and achieve their educational Goals! - Andrew Bates

Andrew will be one of the keynote speakers for the PCFC 5th Annual Authentic Men's Conference Speaking on Men's Health & Responsibility

Andrew will be the guest keynote speaker for the Immanuel Lutheran Men's Conference Speaking on Men's Health "It's Our Responsibility" be Empowered

American Heart Walk
Location: Lafortune Park
body fulfillment will be volunteering

American Heart Association Lunch & Learn Seminar
Location: Dollar Thrifty Car Rental Corporate Headquarters-
Remarks on Heart Walk - Valerie Caine, Heart Walk Coordinator
Keynote Speaker - Andrew Bates

Location: Quick Trip Corporate Head Quarters
Quick Trip Corporate Luncheon: Knowing and Controlling Risk Factors for (Heart Disease/Heart Attack/Stroke) Guess Speaker Andrew Bates

Oklahoma State Farm Insurance Bereau Lunceon
Heart Disease & Obesity
Andrew Bates Guest Speaker

Mayors Fitness Challenge Board Meeting

Fit For Her Owasso/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party

Fit For Her 81st & Harvard/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party


Kawanzaa Celebration @ Greenwood Cultural Center Andrew Bates will be a special guess speaker on behalf of the America Heart Association & The Power to End Stroke Program


Fit For Her 91st & Memorial/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party

Access Fitness Sapulpa/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party

Fit For Her Brookside/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party


The Power of Leadership
& Self-Confidence Seminar
Hosted by Mathis Brother; Guest Speaker: Mathis Brothers General Manager Brad Woesner


Fit For Her Broken Arrow 121st & Elm/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet

Access Ftiness Claremore/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party

Fit For Her Broken Arrow 81st & Aspen/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet

Access Fitness Wagoner/Body Fulfillment Meet & Greet Party


American Heart Association "Power to End Stroke" October 5th, 2006
Green Wood Cultural Center


American Diabetes Association
"Walk for Diabetes"
Body Fulfillment, Inc will be heading up the walk and stretching the walkers.
Lamfortune Park Gardens @ 10a.m. Check in at 9a.m.


American Heart Association/PSO Cholesterol Luncheon-
Andrew Guess Speaker

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Body Fulfillment Continues Reaching the youth in the Community through its program Powering Generations to Move.

This summer we teamed up with Basket of Dreams and the North Side Spring Dale Recreation center to reach and teach youth about the benefits of exercise, and living healthy. View pictures of this program in our Scrapbook page.

As a Lifestyle and Fitness Professional I know this very well, but do you know that most people and even people currently dealing with Diabetes don't really know this. I've talked to many people with Diabetes especially minorities and they do not know the full benefits of exercise and exercise combating diabetes, it's very alarming to me to see this. Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate in our society and doesn't show any signs of stopping. As I attended and was a guess speaker at the recent Diabetes Kickoff Party for The Walk for the Cure taking place September 24th, I was once again taken back on how much diabetes has ravaged the lives of so many people and their loved ones.

The US Department of Health and Human Services indicated that the number of Americans with diabetes has ballooned to 17 million. This is just a continuation of our society going in the wrong direction of living such unhealthy lifestyles. HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson warned Americans of the risk of Pre-diabetes, a condition affecting nearly 16million Americans that raises risk for developing type 2 diabetes and increases the risk for Heart disease up to 50% (that is staggering). I think that it's very important that we know that Type 2 diabetes use to be called ADULT DIABETES but now it's growing at such and alarming rate in our young people it is no longer considered just Adult type 2. We should all be alarmed at this.

Pre-diabetes (a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not yet diabetic) are affecting millions of Americans and most don't even know that they have it and this is very dangerous because these people will develope type 2 diabetes unless something is done about it. This is the good think, Something can be done about it and people don't have to live with this disease. People need to know that Pre-diabetes is serious but with MODEST CHANGES in their daily lives and routines such as eating less (fewer calories) and exercising (walking, biking, etc...) people can alleviate and/or totally reverse Pre-diabetes.

As an expert on exercise and an advocate of Lifestyle, Fitness, Health and Wellness and Fitness supporter for American Diabetes Assoc. I advise that people get checked for Pre-diabetes. Your Family Practictioner can screen you for it easily. Also start exercising, If you are not sure how to get started talk with a friend seek the advice and help from an expert that has your best interest in mind. Always remeber that doing something about your current health is always better than nothing. Remember the Body Fulfillment slogan: "Fulfilling the body's needs today for a healthier body tomorrow"

Andrew Bates
President & Director of Training

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