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You’ve heard it so many times; “Listen to that little voice inside of you” It’s saying so many things. For those that are dreaming of that great life through a certain career path, your relationship with your spouse, your children, and your family. That dream life through your self is saying to you, “go for it”, “don’t wait” take the risk and choose that career that you thought was only possible through your dreams. “Be that sister, brother, husband, wife, mother or father, or be that family you thought only existed on television. Be that individual that you envision yourself to be. It all sounds so good, and when you dream of it, it seems so real. Then for some reason we talk ourselves out of it, we almost took the big step, we convince ourselves that the choice we wanted to make was meant for someone else, so instead we continue on our regular path and can now only dream of what could have been for us. For those of us that are dealing with different issues in our lives (business, life, health, social, spiritual, physical, mental) that little voice is saying “you can help yourself today”, “do what it takes to live a better life, get healthier, be that person you want to be.” We know that we need to do it, we want to do it, but the same scenario happens, we talk ourselves out of it.

That little voice occurs in all of our lives, I have experienced it and have seen both sides of what happens when I listen to the voice or don’t. I know now from experience to listen and not be afraid to take that chance. It makes looking back so much better, because you can say you took the chance no matter the outcome.


Being in the health and wellness profession for so many years I have seen how the “little voice” plays out in so many lives. Many great accomplishments occur in the lives of so many people that answered the voice and dared to go for it.

We see things from the stand-point of people making choices based on health related issues. Your health may not be at risk but you want to be pro-active in your life. For many of the people we work with it took great courage and the constant nagging of that “little voice” to finally get them to take action. In many cases that little voice partners up with a family member that is constantly asking you to “call that trainer” “use the exercise gift certificate I have for you” “let me purchase the gym membership for you” etc…

Life can be complex and the issues that you maybe dealing with at the moment add to that. We know this, that’s why when working with each individual we understand that they need more than just a trainer whether they know it or not. Our main goal as health professionals to our clients is to let them know “they can”.


That individual who has had heart surgery, diabetes and the doctor tells them that they must exercise if they want to live longer, yet they still are reluctant to do so or just find it hard to make that step. We know it’s hard to get started. But go ahead, you won’t regret it.

We know that our clients may be dealing with severe issues. Some are even life or death. We understand the fear that the individual that just got diagnosed with cancer is experiencing, but is choosing to fight back by exercising and needing us as a partner during this difficult time.

We have sat with that loved one that keeps explaining to me how they wish that a certain person in their life would just get the help that they needed. How they feel that they are so close to convincing them to take the step. How they constantly remind them over and over. We say continue on by showing them by example and being that constant reminder to them. Help out that “little voice” in their head that is speaking to them.

We have sat in many consultations with individuals that have shared their life experiences with us up to the current point of meeting with us. Explaining how they have made the choice to make a change in their life for the better and take that big step. Many have been so close to completing it but many leave from our consultation never to be heard from again. We only hope that you take the step with a health/wellness professional.

We go to many fitness facilities and get the opportunity to speak with people just like you that were on the outside looking in, wanting to listen to that “little voice” but afraid too. Now they are here, they are the person that they once could only dream of being. They are that person that took the chance, answered the little voice and said “I will.” It’s nothing short of a miracle if you really look at it. After you were so afraid and you made the choice and you look back at what you did, you find yourself in amazement and deserving of congratulations.

If you are reading this and you find that this is you, know that the person you want to be is waiting for you. Just a choice a way.

This is dedicated to the many individuals that have inspired us as Health/Wellness & Fitness professionals by the courage they have displayed by listening and answering that “little voice.”


Tell us your experiences when you listened to the “Little Voice.” Email us your experiences anonymously or just give first name and we will post them on our Forums section.

• Andrew- “I married a great woman, my wife”
• Anonymous- “I fulfilled a dream, created my own business”
• Lee- “I found out I didn’t have cancer when I thought I did”
• Anonymous- “I became a sought after speaker for Major Non-Profits”
• Sue- “I found the house of my dreams at just the right time”
• Mike- “I received the impossible bank loan”


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