When you’re trying to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle; your trip to the Grocery store is of utmost importance.  Do you have a plan; do you know what to look for when shopping for the HEALTHY stuff? Or are you one of those individuals that gets thrown off track by the tempting smells coming from the bakery or because you enter the store with your tummy on EMPTY and it leads you to put BAD things in your basket?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

We can help, higher a Body Fulfillment  PRO-FOODShopperTM.

What does a Body FulfillmentPRO-FOODShopperTM Do?

We know that a healthy lifestyle means more than just working out every day and sticking to your cardio program.  The most important part of a healthy lifestyle takes place when you leave the gym.  This is where the real commitment begins.

  • By your request we come to your home and go over what you have in your pantry, refrigerator and take an outward perspective inventory on what you have and how to improve it to be Healthier.
  • We assist you in making a plan that keeps you on track when grocery shopping (you’re in and out!  FAST easy shopping)
  • We show you ways to keep your shopping budget consistent
  • Just like fitness programs, people need accountability: We become your accountability partner in the Grocery store
  • By your request we can accompany you on your grocery store trip to show you hands-on ways of  being more efficient
  •  You become a more efficient all around shopper and your health & fitness lifestyle continuously improves.

Click here to download the "Let's Go Grocery Shopping" Strategies and Tips.

Click here to download the Kids' Healthy Grocery Book Reveiw Answers

P R O-FOODShopperTM Programs

    • Consultation & In-home inventory- $45.00
    • Grocery Store Plan (list management/product importance) -$50.00
    • Grocery Store assistance (We go shopping with you) - $60.00
    • Grocery Store services (We shop & deliver groceries to you) - $75.00