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Cooking Healthy
Eating Healthy Today, For A Healthier Body Tomorrow!!!

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Everyone is looking for that one secret diet plan that will give them all the answers to their diet questions, problems and to fix every failed attempt to eating better that they have ever had. We are constantly given false hopes by magazines, T V commercials and advertising all around us. However, there is a secret and everyone should know it. I know it and I’m going to share it with you.

The secret is knowing deep inside, you must make a change. No one person or diet pill can do it for you. The change must come from within your self before the outward change has a chance to manifest. Sounds very simple just by saying it, but for many it’s not. The secret is that you don’t have to make the change alone. Making the change can be freighting and feels like the biggest risk you will ever take in your life. Just know and understand that by making this change you are not taking away the good things from your life but making your life better. The secret is awareness, balance and not being afraid to fail. Getting help from someone you trust and feel good talking to during hard times is a must while taking this life changing journey.

- Body Fulfillment, Inc -

Below are a few suggestions for the Spring & Summer months.

Double up on your water intake. If you don’t like water, try one of the flavored water’s that are now available.
Try a Chef Salad for lunch. It’ll provide extra fluid and nutrients your body needs. (Note: Avoid dressing or use a light brand)
If you have a sweet tooth, make a snack that’s healthier than the usual. (Ex: Fruit layered through light yogurt, honey drizzled on top, granola for crunch)
Spend more time outdoors doing a physical activity you enjoy. (Avoid the T.V., computer, etc).
Shoot hoops or run with your kids.
Consult one of the many trainers from Body Fulfillment and Reaction Fitness.


Why should figuring out how to eat healthy be so hard? Here are some basic fundamentals to know to make eating healthier a bit easier for those that may not know how.

Six nutrients essential to optimal health (good fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and water).

When it comes to protein, any meat product such as chicken breast, salmon, etc… the size of the palm of your hand is the right portion, carbohydrates- a baked potato or brown rice portion should be the size of your clinched fist.

You should always choose a protein and carbohydrate (e.g., Chicken breast & Brown rice) as a right combo. This is a great base line meal. Add vegetables or fruit to at least 2 of your meals through out the day and their portions should be size of the open palm.

Right time is important and averages out to eating every 2 hours; consuming most of your carbohydrate meals early in the day and tapering off. Do not, I repeat do not eat meals loaded with carbohydrates late in the evening.

Add a handful of walnuts, almonds or pistachios to salads or veggie casseroles.
You can choose from all kinds, including kidney, pinto, garbanzo, and black beans.
Herbs and Spices
Curry powder, garlic powder, cumin, coriander, oregano, basil, these are all delicious spices.
Tomato Products
Use diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste in casseroles, soups or veggie sauté’s
Canned Fish
Think Salmon, tuna or sardines, all of which you can throw into casseroles or sandwiches or just eat alone.
Frozen Chicken Breast
Thaw, marinate and cook and you’ve got a protein filled meal, or eat in a salad or by them.
Chicken Broth
Utilize this as a base for soups or additive to other meals.
Fresh, Frozen
or Canned Veggies
Keep veggies on hand to make a part of any meal.
Whole-Wheat Pasta
or Brown Rice
These will give you the needed fiber you need and is good to serve with any Chicken or Fish entrée’
Becoming a label reader makes learning how to eat healthier easy. Plus many product makers mislead consumers with claims or inaccurate serving size.
Serving size
Know your serving sizes and check them against the labels. One serving to you might be three or four on the label 
Choose foods with two to four grams of fiber per serving 
Calories from Fat
Shoot for 30 percent or fewer calories from fat 
Calorie Free
Less than five calories per serving 
Reduced/Less Calories
At least 50 percent less calories than regular product. 
Low Calorie
No more than 40 calories per serving 
One-third less calories than the regular version 
Less than half gram fat per serving 
No more than three grams fat per serving 
Reduced/Less Fat
At least 25 percent less fat per serving than regular product.
Low in Saturated Fat
No more than one gram saturated fat and no more than 15 percent of calories from saturated fat per serving.
Good source of Fiber
2.5 to 4.9 grams fiber per serving
High Fiber
At least five grams fiber per serving
No Sodium/Sodium Free
Less than five milligrams sodium per serving.
Very low sodium
No more than 35 grams sodium per serving
Low Sodium
No more than 140 grams sodium per serving
Sugar Free
Less than half gram sugar per serving

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